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NO.1 A company has a work order with 50 separate tasks and 40 of the tasks have been completed.
company would like the remaining 10 tasks grouped with a new parent work order
Which option will group the tasks?
A. Select the task work orders and Create Work Package.
B. Select the task work orders Create Job Plan from Work Plan
C. Create a new work order and add the child work orders on the Plans tab
D. Create a new work order and add the task work orders on the Plans tab
Answer: A

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NO.2 A workflow process has been revised and the new revision made active.
What happens to records that had already been routed into that workflow process before this was
A. They continue running in the earlier revision.
B. They are removed from workflow and are started in the new revision by a cron task.
C. They switch to running in the new revision as that is the only active revision.
D. They are removed from workflow and must be restarted manually.
Answer: B

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NO.3 A supervisor is required to report actual work hours by work order number With which statuses
can this be
accomplished? {Choose two.)
Answer: B,D

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NO.4 Incorrect meter readings have been taken for gauge meters and characteristic meters. The
administrator has been asked to correct the mistake How can the meter readings be corrected?
A. Add the correct meter readings in the Meters application.
B. Add the correct meter readings In the Preventive Maintenance application.
C. Add a new meter reading In the Assets application.
D. Add the correct meter readings in the Meter Reading application.
Answer: C

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IBMのC2010-555 技術問題に受かることを悩んでいたら、JapanCertを選びましょう。JapanCertのIBMのC2010-555 技術問題は間違いなく最高のトレーニング資料ですから、それを選ぶことはあなたにとって最高の選択です。IT専門家になりたいですか。そうだったら、JapanCertを利用したください。

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